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Disclosing a Wrongdoing relating to a Municipal Body

Anyone can submit a disclosure, complaint, report or accusation that could demonstrate that a wrongdoing has been committed or is about to be committed in connection with a municipal body, under the Act to Facilitate the Disclosure of Wrongdoings Relating to Public Bodies (the Act).

For questions related to the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation’s (the Ministère) enforcement of the Act, please see the “Disclosure of Wrongdoings” page or contact the Commissaire à l’intégrité municipale et aux enquêtes at 418 691-2071 or 1 855-280-5348.

Before completing the form, please ensure that the information you are submitting to us concerns:

  • A municipal body subject to the Act

  • A wrongdoing within the meaning of the Act

This form is secure and the information transmitted is thoroughly encrypted to avoid piracy.

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Alleged wrongdoing

Using the drop-down menu, identify the municipal body concerned by the information you are submitting. To select a body, just click the name of the municipality, with no further designation (e.g., Québec instead of Ville de Québec). If the name of the municipality begins with “Saint,” “Saints” or “Sainte,” it must be written out in full, not abbreviated.

If the body is not on the drop-down list, enter the name of the municipality where the body’s headquarters are located and provide its name in the “Specify the municipal body concerned” field.


Describe the alleged wrongdoing, providing the following information if possible:


  • Name, position and contact information of the person who committed the alleged wrongdoing
  • Name of the department or service concerned
  • If other people witnessed this action, please provide their names, positions and contact information


  • Description of the alleged wrongdoing
  • Sequence of events
  • Information required to prevent the wrongdoing, if it has not already been committed
  • Consequences of the wrongdoing for the municipal body or for the health or safety of people or the environment, if applicable


  • If the alleged wrongdoing has already been committed, specify the date; if it is about to be committed, say so


  • Place where the alleged wrongdoing was committed


  • Reasons you believe this is a wrongdoing
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Supporting documents

To facilitate processing, please attach only relevant documents related to the reported situation.

All attached documents must not exceed 102,400 KB (100 MB).

Note: You can also submit your documents by mail to:

Commissaire à l’intégrité municipale et aux enquêtes
10, rue Pierre-Olivier Chauveau
Aile Cook, 3e étage
Québec (Québec) G1R 4J3

Add a file

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Person who committed or participated in the alleged wrongdoing

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Steps taken

If applicable, describe any steps taken in connection with this issue, such as with the municipal government, the council, the accused, a union, another government agency, a court, the media, etc.

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Possible reprisals

Mention any fear or risk of reprisals.

Not completing this section will not prevent you from benefiting from the protections from reprisals outlined in the Act to Facilitate the Disclosure of Wrongdoings Relating to Public Bodies.

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Information concerning a wrongdoing or breach of the laws under the jurisdiction of the Ministère can be submitted anonymously.

The person who submits such information is an important source of knowledge, however. By disclosing your identity and providing valid contact information, you will be helping the Ministère handle the reported situation more effectively.

The Ministère promises to take all required measures available under the Act to protect the confidentiality of the information and the identity of any person who reports a wrongdoing. The information obtained or created by the Ministère through an audit or investigation undertaken in response to the disclosure of a wrongdoing cannot be communicated under the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information.


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By submitting this form, you are authorizing the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation to gather and use your personal information in the application of the Act to Facilitate the Disclosure of Wrongdoings Relating to Public Bodies.